Festive Greeting Cards

Time to make some holiday greeting cards! Using a simple method of tearing, cutting and pasting recycled wrapping paper. Place the pieces of coloured paper into a circular shape to create a festive wreath pattern.

An online guide to create a Handmade Christmas Card. This green activity reuses materials with a collage art technique and added written message.

Christmas Wreath Handmade Card

What you need:


  • Stick Glue
  • Coloured Markers and Pencil
  • Round shape / lid (optional)
  • Hole puncher (optional)
  • Scissors #

Let's get started!

Coloured Markers


  • A4 coloured paper or thick card
  • Small piece of white card (for message)
  • Coloured Paper (reuse wrapping paper)
  • Choose a few bright colours
    eg. green, red and yellow.

Reuse Wrapping Paper



We will make some festive handmade cards with shapes like a Christmas wreath or fireworks but they can be reshaped into flowers or sparkles as well with different messages.

Fold Paper for Card Base

from an A4 Size Sheet

Get your base card ready.

For a thinner A4 paper fold it into quarters to form a thicker base.
If you have a thick coloured sheet you can cut in half and fold in 2.

Draw a circle on the front closer to the top as a guide.

Tip: Use a plastic container lid / any round object to trace around.

Reuse wrapping paper
Reuse wrapping paper
Tear Paper Scraps

Tear Small Shapes

from the Coloured Paper

Tear the coloured wrapping paper into small triangular shapes.

The scrappy rough edges are a nice accent.

Arrange the Pieces

into a Circular Composition

Place the scraps around the circle you drew. So it will form a round of colours like a Christmas wreath or a flower.

Try and mix up the colours next to each other and overlap the pieces. Play around with the arrangement and see what fits.

Glue paper scraps down in a circle

* Contrasting Green and Red pieces will stand out with White in between.

Tidy up

Paste it Down

with glue

If you are happy with the arrangement, glue the inner ring of pieces down and leave the pointy outer edge free so it flaps off the base.

OPTION: You can also paste a smaller inner white circle in the center for the flower design.

Add some Dots

for decoratation

Use a hole puncher to punch some dots from a brighter colour like Yellow

Or cut small circles using a pair of scissors.

Paste this in a random arrangement around the card.

Hole Punch Dots or Cut Circles

Write a Message Tag

with Coloured Markers on White Card

Cut a small rectangular white paper shape for the message and paste it on the bottom under the circle collage.

Cut a V-shape inwards on the sides to make a different banner shape. Put some scrap wrapping paper under the white piece like a coloured shadow.

Write your message using Markers or Coloured Pencils.

Draw some lines and patterns around to decorate the card.

Enjoy sending out your handmade greeting cards !

Merry Christmas Message Card

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Other Designs

Handmade Cards with Sparkle Strips

Create your own designs with similar shapes. Here are some options with different messages.