Painted Paper Effects

As a background material for collage and an easy way to practise different types of brush strokes and painting techniques for future combinations and abstract compositions.


Painted papers effects

What you need:


  • brushes: flat and round
  • chopstick, straw, plastic card
  • 2 containers of water

Let's paint!


  • Paper
  • Paints (acrylic)



For this exercise we will try different brushstrokes and play with paint, mixing up colours. Loosen up and experiment with common tools for various effects.

Press play on the videos !

Painted Paper Wet on Wet

Blue watery wavey lines

Using lots of water to create a thin wash of blue paint. Mix the blue acrylic paint with a bit of water to start.

Just paint plain water on the paper first then add a thinner stroke of blue paint on top and watch it spread and flow.

You can push the water around with your brush if you are working on thicker watercolour paper..

Let the paper dry !

Dry Brush Strokes

Mix of Green colour hues

For the grassy patches and yellow flat contrast, we will use drier paint brush strokes on paper which makes a more feathery airy mark.

Use thick wide bristle brushes.
Don't add any water to the paint.

Mix the shades of geen

  • Start of with more yellow for a brighter green
  • with just a little bit of blue
  • mix in gradually and add more strokes to give you shades of green
  • Add a bit of plain yellow wash* to overlay for solid areas and a flat contrast (*layer of watery paint brushed over)

Mark making effects


The colour Brown can be mixed from red, yellow and blue. Add more of the lighter colours first before a touch of the darker to control the gradual shades.

The nice thing about mixing colours yourself and not brown straight from the tube is having variations from dark brown umber to an orange/reddish brown (sienna).

Action, Techniques and Tools

  • Use a Palette Knife : Apply paint with a scraping action on the flat side and draw lines with the tip
  • You can use an old Plastic Card instead :) and use the corner for making lines thru the wet paint
  • Multi-colour spread: Try putting different colours on the edge to blend a trio mix in motion
  • Dip the tools in paint and have a go at making marks like:-
  • STRAW AND STICK Circle and Dotted Marks
  • PLASTIC FORK Horizontal Line Marks
  • BRUSH TIP Spaced Line Marks

Painted pattern dots lines

Pattern Play

Combinations : Lines, dots and marks

Painted Pattern Brown Blue Yellow

Thick or thin

Mix it up

  • Splatter
  • Drips
  • Impasto

Press play for Video demos


Thick Paint Texture with a Palette Knife

Liquid Flow

Drip and splatter paint

paint mix it up

Watery Acrylic Paint Effects

Drip, splatter and wash paint examples and colour mixes.

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